Published on 09/07/18 by Yvona Ward

1-0: Not a Bad Way to Start the Season!

With far more questions than they had answers, the Tigers entered this season with a bit of a dark cloud hanging over their heads. The offense had a very new quarterback surrounded by a squad of mostly new starters all trying to adjust to a new strategy under the leadership of a new offensive coordinator, and the defense wasn't exactly overflowing with veterans either. Now add in the report from CBS Sports' Tom Fornelli, which ranks LSU as having the most difficult 2018 schedule in the SEC and you could potentially have a recipe for disaster! Fortunately for us, things seem to have clicked for LSU just in time for the season and they pulled off a 33 to 17 win over a solid Miami team, which was 9th in the preseason power rankings. The offense seemed to mesh well together, earning over 300 total yards and avoiding even a single interception, while the defense certainly stepped up to get 4 sacks and 2 interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown by Jacob Phillips. It was even a fantastic night for special teams as Cole Tracy went 4/4 on field goals, including one from a distance of over 50 yards!

Aside from being just an amazing night for LSU football fans, this game also launched LSU up 14 spots to number 11 in the AP Top 25 rankings. Hopefully the Tigers can use tomorrow's home game against Southeastern to hammer out the details in their strategy before going up against a tough Auburn (currently ranked 7th) team next week. It may be a little early to get too excited about our team this year but, hey, some optimism won't hurt us right?


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