Published on 08/14/18 by Yvona Ward

With the unrelenting heat of summer at its peak, I think we could all use a bit of cool news. Well, we got precisely that sort of news last week from Business Report, which announced that Baton Rouge will soon be the home of Louisiana's first and only Rita's Italian Ice shop! In the Northeast, Rita's has been a staple of hot summer nights for over a decade and my two sons and I absolutely loved their Italian ice and frozen custard when we lived in Maryland. But, for those of you who aren't familiar with this purveyor of delicious, icy treats, I will provide a small preview:

  • Italian Ice - Also known as "water ice", this is Rita's signature item, which they have served to satisfied customers since their beginning in 1984. They offer their Italian ice in over 30 flavors, including Juicy Pear, Georgia Peach, Florida Orange, Raspberry Lemonade, Root Beer, Sour Patch Kids Red, Strawberry Margarita, and Swedish Fish, so everyone can find a personal favorite. Rita's also uses real fruit in many of its Italian ice flavors and even offers 6 sugar-free options.
  • Frozen Custard - Offered in 6 thick and creamy varieties, Rita's soft serve frozen custard is another classic component of their success. Although similar to ice cream, frozen custard is smoother and contains significantly less air than soft serve ice cream, which results in a more dense final product. Rita's also provides over 30 choices of toppings for those who prefer a sundae over a traditional cone.
  • Gelati - According to Rita's website, this is their most popular treat, and I can add that it is certainly one of their most unique. Its construction is simple enough, Italian ice between two layers of frozen custard, but the combination of sweet, refreshing ice and creamy, flavorful custard creates a complex flavor that is to die for. My personal favorite combination is the Juicy Pear Ice with Vanilla Custard...YUM!

These are only 3 of the many amazing items that will be available at the new Rita's, which is supposed to be open by the end of this month. The shop will also have limited seating for those who would prefer to have their order immediately rather than taking it to go.
This delicious addition to the Baton Rouge area will be located on Lee Drive near Nicholson Drive (LA Hwy 30) next to Jimmy John's and across the street from Mike Anderson's. For more information about Rita's or to see their complete list of amazing options, check out their website at Maybe I'll see you there some time!

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