Curious about what is going on in your neighborhood? Check out our local market tools to stay up-to-date on all things real estate.

  • Local Market Snapshot: Your personalized Market Snapshot is an interactive report that charts market activity with homes in your area, including data on sold and for-­sale properties, inventory counts and days-­on-­market.

    If you have additional questions about current market conditions, please contact a GARDNER Real Estate Professionals for more information.

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  • Local Market Update Videos: Our market video updates offer you current and historical data that clearly demonstrate market trends in a straightforward, easy-­to-­interpret visual manner. Our Market Videos deliver relevant and educational market trend information, including median list price, days on market, median sales price, etc.

  • Local Market Trends: These dynamic local market statistical reports illustrate the trends that have emerged in ­Metro New Orleans, Greater Baton Rouge, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast ­local real estate markets.

    Keep in mind that every community is special, so simply looking at a broad trend summary won’t paint the clearest picture of the unique flow of data for that particular market area. For a more thorough analysis and in-­depth evaluation, or if you would like a custom market trend report sent to you, please contact your preferred GARDNER Real Estate Professional.

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